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Make a Difference for Syracuse Students!

When you make a gift to Syracuse University, you provide the students of today—and tomorrow—with unique educational experiences and the tools they need to succeed in a world that’s ever more complex. Here are just a few of the ways you can show your support.

Support SU in DC

It’s easy to see the advantages a Washington, DC, presence brings to both students and alumni. Students are able to learn from the world’s leading experts, visit unmatched cultural institutions, and experience the challenges of living in a major metropolitan environment. Alumni can stay connected to the University and each other at lectures, networking nights, and other special events.

You can support SU in DC’s efforts by designating your gift toward any of these funds:

  • SU in DC Fund supports producing alumni programs in the DC area.
  • SU in DC Community Partnership Initiative Fund supports initiatives developed with local nonprofits, such as SU in DC’s partnership with the Living Classrooms Foundation, an organization that strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training.
  • DC Immersion Fund supports DC Immersion Week, a spring break trip that enables Syracuse University sophomores to experience living and working in Washington and Baltimore. Gifts to the fund help cover such program costs as bus service from Syracuse, weekly metro passes, overnight accommodations, and meals.

Support SU in DC

Support Another Part of Syracuse University that’s Meaningful to You

If your passion lies on Syracuse’s campus or in any of its other regional or international centers, you can direct your gift accordingly. Whether you decide to support the dean’s fund in your school or college, student scholarships, faculty recruitment and retention, academic programs, facilities, or research, your gift will make a real difference to current and future students.

Give to Syracuse University

Endow a Washington, DC-Based Program

Students from across Syracuse’s schools and colleges participate in DC immersion programs both large and small. Some programs last a full semester while others run through the summer, during winter or spring break, or even for one day. Regardless of the time frame, they provide students with unmatched access to the world beyond the Syracuse campus. Endowed gifts are particularly important, because they’re established to last in perpetuity. With only the payout from the fund spent each year, endowment gifts keep on giving—ensuring these one-of-a-kind learning experiences can continue, year after year.

Give to DC Immersion Week

Join Our Community of Experts

Syracuse alumni and friends can provide today’s students with invaluable support in the form of expertise and real-world experiences. Here are just a few of the ways you can participate:

  • Serve as a mentor
  • Provide internship or employment opportunities
  • Host an immersion program
  • Attend one of our SUccess in the City events

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